Career Corner / Is This Employer Right for Me?

By Angie Gorny


Many job seekers don’t dedicate enough time to employer research. Here are two key reasons you should conduct extensive employer research before you submit an application: 

Create customized application materials

Conducting employer research shows initiative and will help you develop well-thought-out conversations, elevator pitches and interview questions for the employer. The research will also help determine if the company is the right fit for you, help tailor your resume and cover letter, and demonstrates organization and dedication. It will show that you have the enthusiasm to join their workforce! 

Ensure a perfect fit

Similar positions are listed differently depending on the industry. A marketing analyst for healthcare, government, or manufacturing may have the same basic duties and responsibilities, but their environments, missions, interactions, benefits and goals vary. Analyze what you see in job postings that excites you and look for the positions that would motivate you to head to work each day. 

Not sure where to start? The following list provides a great way to start your employer “background check:”

  • Employer’s industry 
  • Products 
  • Services  
  • Company leaders and contacts
  • Organization structure
  • Location(s) 
  • Social, economic and technological trends 

You can find this information in a variety of places as well! Take a look at the company website, LinkedIn, the Better Business Bureau, professional associations, social media channels and company blogs. Community information will also help determine if the location fits your personal needs, outside of the company’s campus and work environment.  

Taking 15-20 minutes to research a potential employer can have a massive impact on obtaining your next big opportunity.   

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