In Memoriam / February 2021

By Amanda Clark

*Annual Alumni Association Member
**Lifetime Alumni Association Member

Faculty, staff and friends

**Deacon Sammy Bills, Toledo, 81. He was a custodian at MCO/MUO from 1995 until his retirement in 2005.
David B. Browning, Sylvania, Ohio, 70. He was a realtor who taught pre-license education at the University.
Sandra K. (Coffman) Chick, Temperance, Mich., 60. She was a secretary in the College of Education from 1978 until her death.
Loretta A. Cooke, Toledo, 96. She worked in the UToledo Admissions Office for more than two decades until her retirement in the mid-1990s. In the mid-1970s, she served as the staff representative on the University’s Affirmative Action Council.
**John Czarnecki (Bus ’68, Law ’72), Toledo, 80. He taught in the College of Law in the mid-1970s.
James “Jimmy” Dawley, Toledo, 72. He was a custodian at UTMC from 2007 until his retirement in 2013.
John S. Flaminio, Lambertville, Mich., 82. He was a former track and cross country coach at the University.
**Frederick E. Henning (A/S ’62), Holland, Ohio, 80. He was a former instructor who taught criminal law.
Thomas R. Hertzfeld, Waterville, Ohio, 81. He worked at the UTMC Credit Union.
Marilyn E. Hixon, Maumee, Ohio, 84. She was a medical technician who retired from MCO.
John A. “Doc” Janowski, Delta, Ohio, 74. He was an electrician at the University from 1990 until his retirement in 2010.
Donald R. Koralewski (A/S ’90), Bryan, Ohio, 63. He was a writer in the UToledo Public Relations Office from 1998 to 2002.
Margaret A. Wiles McCready, Toledo, 79. She helped mentor teachers through the Tapestries Program.
Sally A. (Bissell) Michaels, Sylvania, Ohio, 82.
Marie Mims (UTCTC ’95, Univ Coll ’96), Toledo, 69. She was a former instructor at the University.
**Ethel Moyer
, Lambertville, Mich., 89.
John (Jack) Murphy, Toledo, 88. He was a former UToledo head football coach from 1971 to 1976. In his first season as head coach, the Rockets went 12-0, completing a perfect 35-0 run from 1969 to 1971. Toledo won its third consecutive Mid-American Conference Championship and Tangerine Bowl title that season and Murphy was voted MAC Coach of the year. He joined the Rockets in 1960 as an assistant coach and then became the defensive coordinator under Frank Lauterbur in 1963. He led defenses that helped product Toledo’s first MAC title in 1967 and was a critical part of the 35-0 streak that started in 1969. In five of Murphy’s last six seasons as defensive coordinator, the Rockets were in the top 10 nationally in total defense; this included a No. 1 ranking when Lauterbur took the head coaching position at Iowa. Murphy was inducted into The University of Toledo’s Varsity T Hall of Fame in 1997.
*Zoellen Murphy (Univ Coll ’13), Perrysburg, Ohio, 60. She joined the MCO staff as a secretary in the Psychiatry Department in 1994, became an administrative assistant in 2007, and was named residency and curriculum coordinator in 2015.
Marjorie A. “Margie” Richmond, Sylvania, Ohio, 89. She was a secretary at UToledo for many years.
Karen (Chokel) Rohrs, Westlake, Ohio, 73. She as a faculty member at the University from 1997 to 2002.
**Barbara Rudnicki (Pharm ’81, MPharm ’88), Toledo, 62. She was a faculty member in the College of Pharmacy from 1986 to 2009. She taught several courses, including pharmacy ethics, and she served as director of the Experiential Program and chair of the Doctor of Pharmacy Committee. She also helped start Extracts & Graduates, the College of Pharmacy alumni magazine.
Robert E. “Sonny” Soncrant (A/S ’70, MEd ’70, MEd ’80), Toledo, 74. He served as director of the Workplace Credit Program at the University from 1998 until his retirement in 2007.
Robert C. Steinmiller (Eng ’67), Helena, Ohio, 77. He was a former instructor in the College of Engineering.
Carl E. Williams, Oregon, Ohio, 84. He worked in the UToledo Education Center.
Jacqueline Brown Yocum, Asheville, N.C., 79. She was a former coordinator of continuing education at MCO.


Leonard Bunck (A/S ’49), Florissant, Mo., 95
Robert DeArment (A/S ’52)
, Sylvania, Ohio, 95.
Valden Farnham (Eng ’48)
, Columbus, Ohio, 97.
Jeanne Savage (Ed ’47)
, Rochester, Mich., 96.
Edward Sloan (Eng ’95), Watsonville, Calif., 95.


Helen Bewick (Ed ’58, MEd ’63), Lambertville, Mich., 84.
*James Gasiorowski (MEd ’52)
, Lambertville, Mich., 90.
**Katherine Hanes (Ed ’57, MEd ’59)
, Sonoma, Calif., 84.
Robert Horner (A/S ’55), Columbus, Ohio, 88.
**Wilma Lupe (Ed ’51), Holland, Ohio, 91.
Donna Pfaender (Ed ’50), Toledo, 93.
Elizabeth Swanson (Ed ’57), Bradenton, Fla., 98.
Betty Tresso (Ed ’58), Toledo, 83.
James Warrick (Ed ’52), Grand Rapids, Mich., 92.
**David Wisniewski (Eng ’56), Muscatine, Iowa, 87.


*Susan Anderson (MEd ’69), Lambertville, Mich., 85.
Myron Grubb (Eng ’69)
, Punta Gorda, Fla., 85.
Terry Hanf (Bus ’69), Toledo, 86.
Joan Kozlowski (Ed ’69, MEd ’75)
, Toledo, 93.
Sharon Libke (Ed ’63), Toledo, 79.
Patricia Mayer (A/S ’67), Sylvania, Ohio, 76.
Nicholas Monica (Bus ’68), Toledo, 76.
Charles Racine (Law ’67), Gallatin, Tenn., 83.
Ronald Schimming (Bus ’68), Liberty Center, Ohio, 75.
Doyle Smith (Pharm ’62)
, Hastings, Mich., 81.


David Ansley (UTCTC ’78), Clayton, Mich., 65.
**Alice Courts (Pharm ’70), Toledo, 82
Louis Korb (Ed ’72, MEd ’78), Avon Lake, Ohio 71.
Martie Moline (Ed ’77), Toledo, 68.
Theresa Nally (UTCTC ’70), Cincinnati, Ohio, 72.
Jane Schramm (Univ Coll ’76), Sylvania, Ohio, 91.
James Sikorski (UTCTC ’71), Rossford, Ohio, 80.
Robert Welly (Law ’76)
, Toledo, 70.


Michael Brimmer (UTCTC ’84), Oregon, Ohio, 70.
Marie Casaletta (UTCTC ’80), Sylvania, Ohio, 94.
Judith Davis (Ed ’82)
, Winter Haven, Fla., 80.
Vincent Morgillo (UTCTC ’83), Northwood, Ohio, 66.
Ellen Palmer (Ed ’89, MEd ’96)
, Toledo, 56.
Anya Seymour (A/S ’81), Avon, Ind., 64.
*DC Stanfa (A/S ’82) Hudson, Fla., 61.
Thomas Walz (MBA ’80), Meridian, Idaho, 74.
Wendy Williamson (Univ Coll ’88), Sedona, Ariz., 57.
Irene Zunkiewicz (A/S ’81, A/S ’81), Holland, Ohio, 63.


Richard Cutcher (Ed ’95), Toledo, 76.
Pamella Davis (UTCTC ’96), Swanton, Ohio, 62.
Beverly Nelson (MEd ’92), Napoleon, Ohio, 70.
Kenneth Rosplohowski (Ed ’94, MEd ’03), Sylvania, Ohio, 53.
Sue Schroeder (A/S ’97)
, Perrysburg, Ohio, 86.
Thomas Yurosko (Univ Coll ’99), Holland, Ohio, 76.


Joshua Conley (Eng ’00), Toledo, 44.
Wilberto Mendoza (HSHS ’05), Gulfport, Miss., 48.
David Sherman (Bus ’09, HSHS ’11), Toledo, 43.
Anne Treglia (NRS ’02), Maumee, Ohio, 76.