In Memoriam / December 2020

By Amanda Clark

*Annual Alumni Association Member
**Lifetime Alumni Association Member

Faculty, staff and friends

*Claudia Jane Bradley, Toledo, 65. She joined the University as an assistant professor of English in 1990. For 30 years, Bradley was a popular faculty member who taught creative writing courses, as well as literature and women’s studies classes. She was a Master Teacher from 2002 to 2004 and served as an undergraduate adviser and director of creative writing in the English Department. A recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant, Bradley was the author of several books: “You Believers,” Living Doll,” “Power Lines: and Other Stories,” “Visitors” and “Are We Lucky Yet?” In 2013, she received the University’s Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award.
**Judith A. (Barry) Dettinger
, Pineville, N.C., 74. She worked with students with disabilities from 1996 to 2000.
Ruth F. (Zimmerman) Friedman, Toledo, 105. She began teaching English as an instructor following her graduation from the University. Friedman was named an assistant professor in 1976 and an associate professor in 1983. She led the freshman composition program and taught introduction to literature, retiring in 1985.
Patricia A. Harmon, Swanton, Ohio, 84. She was a longtime nurse administrator at MCO.
Dr. Paul E. Hodel, Goshen, Ind., 84. He was an assistant professor of anesthesiology at MCO from 1984 until his retirement in 1996, when he became a community-based faculty member.
Erma J. (Merrill) Hughes, Toledo, 94. She was an administrative assistant to the dean in the College of Engineering. In 1988, Hughes received an Outstanding Woman Award and retired from UToledo after more than 20 years of service.
Mahlon “Al” Keivel, Largo, Fla., 98. He was a former UToledo employee who worked in maintenance.
Dr. Thomas A. Klein, Maumee, Ohio, 84. He joined the University as an assistant professor of statistics and marketing in 1964 and was promoted to associate professor in 1967 and professor in 1971. From 1967 to 1980, Klein served as director of the Business Research Center. He was an expert on micromarketing and authored a book, “Social Costs and Benefits of Business.” In 1985, Klein was named associate dean of the College of Business. He served as interim dean of the college from 1987 to 1990. Klein retired in 1993 and was named professor emeritus. He continued to teach after retiring and helped establish the Center for Family Business and the business ethics and sales program.
Tamara “Tammy” Kneisley, Sylvania, Ohio, 62. She began working in the UToledo Athletics Ticket Office in 1985 and later became an administrative assistant 2 in Athletics. Kneisley coordinated NCAA, MAC and UToledo scholarship processing for all sports. In 2011, she received an Outstanding Women Award. Kneisley retired in 2017.
Nancy C. (Williamson) Kolinski, Toledo, 83. She worked at the University for nearly 20 years and retired as a secretary in 1997.
**James F. Machen (Eng ’52, MBA ’64), Toledo, 91. The Glass City native began teaching engineering graphics as an instructor in 1954. Six years later, he went to work in the industry, returning to the University as an assistant professor in 1969. He was promoted to associate professor in 1982 and one year later, he was tapped to serve as assistant dean in the College of Engineering. The inventor received nine patents.
**Everett Manny, Toledo, 91.
Gary Maxey, Toledo, 73. He joined the staff in 1989 as a maintenance repair journeyman at the University.
Dr. Richard J. Nelson, Toledo, 63. He was an assistant professor of medicine and MCO from 1991 to 1999. After entering private practice, he was a volunteer faculty member at the college.
Douglas R. “Nic” Nichol, Holland, Ohio, 75. He joined the faculty as an assistant professor of music and director of choral activities in 1979. The baritone was promoted to associate professor and also served as director of the University Chorus, the Varsity Singer and the University Concert Chorale.
Dr. William J. O’Neal, Toledo, 87. He joined the University as an assistant professor in 1969 and taught an array of classes on the ancient world, as well as Latin and Greek languages. In 1978, O’Neal was named one of the University’s Outstanding Teachers. He also served as director of graduate studies, chair of the Foreign Languages Department and also chair of the History Department. Most summers found the Vatican Scholar studying works of the 15th– and 16th-century poets in Italy. He retired from UToledo in 2014.
Betty Jane (Stanislawski) Piotrowski, Rossford, Ohio, 93. She worked at UToledo for nearly two decades until her retirement.
**Sylvia Salsbury (A/S ’89), Tampa, Fla., 84. She was a tutor in the Writing Center and a member of Phi Kappa Phi.
Leslie W. Sheridan, Cincinnati, Ohio, 84. He was appointed director of libraries at UToledo in 1975. Sheridan was named the first dean of University Libraries in 1991. He led Carlson Library’s efforts to put its catalogues online and digitize records. In addition, Sheridan realized the value of rare books and helped establish the Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections in 1979. He also played an integral role in working with colleagues from Bowling Green State University and the Medical College of Ohio to create a shared 1.5 million-volume book storage facility in Perrysburg, Ohio. The native of Jamaica, N.Y., served on the first board of trustees of OhioNET, a network of statewide libraries. Sheridan also was chair of Toledo’s Inter-University Library Council and served as executive secretary of the Friends of The University of Toledo Libraries.
Vaughn H. Williams Jr., Toledo, 91. He worked at UToledo from 1996 to 1998.
Margaret L. Wood, Toledo, 90. She worked in the Records Department at MCO.


Robert Drake (A/S ’54), Dublin, Ohio, 88.
Eileen Manoff (Ed ’53), Broomfield, Colo., 88.
**Patricia Mensing (Ed ’51), Oak Harbor, Ohio, 91.
Richard Ott (Eng ’59), Perrysburg, Ohio, 85.
John Paszek (Bus ’56), Toledo, 92.
**Donna Whitner (Bus ’54)
, Unity, Maine, 88.


Larry Brown (UTCTC ’67), Punta Gorda, Fla., 86.
Richard Ednie (Bus ’60)
, Temperance, Mich., 88.
Thomas Falvey (MEd ’67), Sylvania, Ohio, 83.
Daniel Konczal (Ed ’63), Waterford, Mich., 81.
**Dr. Richard Krajcik (Eng ’66), Los Alamos, N.M., 76.
Joey Lengel (Ed ’67, MEd ’87), Powell, Ohio, 75.
Ila Lueck (Ed ’69, MEd ’73), Holland, Ohio, 92.
Gay Moritz (Ed ’65), Findlay, Ohio, 82.
**David Pheils (Ed ’60, Law ’74), Perrysburg, Ohio, 86.
Donald Priebe (Eng ’60), Jacksonville, Fla., 82.
Joseph Rozanski (Ed ’65), Toledo, 87.
Forrest Ulrich (Ed ’61), Maumee, Ohio, 81.


Bruce Aseltyne (UTCTC ’76), Maumee, Ohio, 69.
William Braggs (Ed ’76)
, Toledo, 68.
*Timothy Dowling (Pharm ’70), Perrysburg, Ohio, 73.
Mildred Gibson (Ed ’76, MEd ’80), Maumee, Ohio, 91.
Florence Hazard (MA ’72), Toledo, 98.
**Frederick Johnson (Bus ’70, MBA ’80), Wayne, Mich., 72.
**Colleen McGregor (UTCTC ’72)
, Cheshire, Conn., 68.
James Nally (Bus ’77), Holland, Ohio, 74.
David Noel (MA ’70), Bradenton, Fla., 75.
**Gary Petee (Bus ’73), Clayton, Ga., 75.
Michael Samson (UTCTC ’75), Gallitzin, Pa., 54.
Juanita Smith (UTCTC ’71), Toledo, 94.
Georgianne Warren (A/S ’76), Toledo, 88.
Harold Weimer (Eng ’70), Richmond, Texas, 75.
Thomas Wiseman (Bus ’72), Perrysburg, Ohio, 76.
Richard Wurst (UTCTC ’72), Sylvania, Ohio, 84.


Jack Brady (Bus ’80, Law ’83), Toledo, 61.
James Briggs (Ed ’80)
, Toledo, 62.
Stanley Brooks (Pharm ’85), Hendersonville, Tenn., 59.
Raymond Fesmier (Law ’85), Mansfield, Ohio, 73.
Richard Northrup (MBA ’81), Toledo, 76.
Keith Saari (Pharm ’56), Temperance, Mich., 89.
Daniel Stein (Bus ’80), Maumee, Ohio, 68.


Tina Busdiecker (Univ Coll ’95), Woodville, Ohio, 57.
Merrie Kendrick (MA ’94)
, Toledo, 98.
Norman Napierala (Bus ’92), Oregon, Ohio, 67.
Jon Shultz (Ed ’98)
, Swanton, Ohio, 62.
Vivian Stallfus (UTCTC ’96), Toledo, 91.


Dr. Rima Abdouni (Pharm ’00, PharmD ’02), Toledo, 48.
Jason Davis (UTCTC ’05)
, New York, N.Y., 40.
John Grant (A/S ’05), Delta, Ohio, 43.
Christopher Hensien (Law ’03), Bonita Springs, Fla., 68.
Aphrodite Ueberroth (Univ Coll ’04)
, Toledo, 47.