In Memoriam / October 2020

By Amanda Clark

*Annual Alumni Association Member
**Lifetime Alumni Association Member

Faculty, staff and friends

Douglas B. Adler, Toledo, 64. He worked in the Maintenance Department at MCO/MUO/UTMC.
Martha A. (Allen) Albert, Sylvania, Ohio, 81. She was a medical laboratory technician at MCO from 1981 until her retirement in 1999.
*Dr. Lawrence Boesel
, Toledo, 84.
David Browning (MEd ’72), Sylvania, Ohio, 80. He began teaching in the former Community and Technical College in 1987 and later joined the College of Health and Human Services. The assistant professor of social work retired in 2012.
William A. Bruecken, Laguna Woods, Calif., 87. He was a former volunteer with the Satellites Auxiliary.
Louis Escobar, Toledo, 70. He served as interim coordinator in the Multicultural Student Center from 2002 to 2006.
Laurel R. (Church) Falls (UTCTC ’80), Ida, Mich., 60. She was a former nurse at MCO.
Andrew Fisher (Univ Coll ’02, MLLSS ’13), Sylvania, Ohio, 89. When UToledo partnered with the Library of Congress for the Veterans History Project in 2002, the U.S. Korean War veteran volunteered to interview local veterans; he collected more than 800 stories. Recordings of the interviews are housed in the Ward M. Canaday Center of Special Collections in Carlson Library and the Library of Congress. He featured 80 of those interviews in a book, “What a Time it Was: Interviews With Northwest Ohio Veterans of World War II,” published in 2009 by The University of Toledo Press. In 2012, he and Howard McCord wrote a book titled “30 Below on Christmas Eve,” which contained 50 interviews of Korean War veterans. For his efforts, Fisher received the local Jefferson Award for Public Service and was recognized by the Library of Congress and the Daughters of the American Revolution. In 2005, he received the outstanding alumnus award from University College. Fisher was a member of Phi Kappa Phi.
Sandra L. (Jackman) Girrell, Toledo, 80. She worked several years with the MCO Physicians.
Cynthia M. (Greenwald) Goodman (MA ’81), Maumee, Ohio, 74. She worked in the University’s Division of Continuing Education.
Hon. Peter M. Handwork (Law ’66), Toledo, 78. He was an adjunct professor in the Department of Undergraduate Legal Specialties for more than two decades and coached the UToledo mock trial team for 19 years. With his assistance, the program brought recognition to the University.
Marilyn J. (Smith) Hartkopf, Sarasota, Fla., 87. She was a retired MCO employee.
**Arthur “Art” Irving
, Sylvania, Ohio, 87. He worked for 17 years in maintenance at MCO until his retirement in 1998.
Leo “Lee” Kreft, Toledo, 90. He was a volunteer with the Satellites Auxiliary who served in the Pastoral Car Department at MCO/MUO/UTMC for 35 years. He took classes at the University until called to active duty to serve his country.
Rosemary Madonna Callahan “Posy” McHugh (MEd ’74), Toledo, 93. She worked with student teachers in the College of Education.
**Dr. Roger McNichols
, Ottawa Hills, Ohio, 81.
*Sharon Patterson, Maumee, Ohio, 77.
Vickie L. (Frey) Piriczky (Univ Coll ’91), Toledo, 67. She joined the staff in 1982 and worked in the Bursar’s Office/Treasurer’s Office until her retirement in 2014.
James D. “Jimmy” Sarno, Toledo, 93. He coached soccer at the University in the 1960s.
Margaret M. (Moran) Stengle, Toledo, 93. She taught physics at the University.
**Lil-Mar Stroh, Perrysburg, Ohio, 74.
Ronald D. Suess, Manistee, Mich., 86. He was a former UToledo employee.
Christine L. (Brummett) Vaughn, Bowling Green, Ohio, 56. She was a nurse at MUO/UTMC from 2006 to 2008.
Shirley A. (Raitz) Vogelsang, Sylvania, Ohio, 93. She worked in the University Print Shop from 1995 until her retirement in 2006.


**Bonnie Loss (Ed ’49), Sylvania, Ohio, 93.


Daniel Billmaier (Pharm ’58), Toledo, 87.
**Richard Hanley (Bus ’54)
, Ottawa Hills, Ohio, 89.
**Joyce Koontz McGill (Ed ’50)
, Titusville, Fla., 92.
Donna Lawrence (Ed ’58, MEd ’80), Maumee, Ohio, 84.
**Frank Mensing (Bus ’50), Oak Harbor, Ohio, 91.
Ron Schmidt (Bus ’55), Maumee, Ohio, 88.


Dr. Richard Burke (MEd ’69, Ph.D. ’74), Rockville, Md., 78.
Joseph Duerringer (Eng ’61)
, Toledo, 94.
Thomas Escott (Bus ’68), Blue Ridge, Ga., 79.
Reynold Gerson (A/S ’69), North Port, Fla., 73.
Charles Gladieux (UTCTC ’63)
, Millbury, Ohio, 76.
Hon. James Jensen (Law ’69)
, Toledo, 77.
**Dr. David Kuebbeler (MEd ’62, Ph.D. ’71)
, La Junta, Colo., 83.
Dr. Wilbert McClure (Ed ’61), Norwood, Mass., 81.
Daniel Moser (Ed ’69)
, Perrysburg, Ohio, 74.
**William Savage (A/S ’60, MS ’60), Toledo, 85.
Douglas Shelton (A/S ’67), Coldwater, Mich., 88.
Charles Tucker (Ed ’64), Temperance, Mich., 79.


John Bachman (UTCTC ’79), Toledo, 84.
DeeWayne Brindley (UTCTC ’75)
, Oak Harbor, Ohio, 78.
Mary Caldwell-Simmons (Ed ’78, MEd ’84), Toledo, 71.
John Carey (Law ’77)
, Toledo, 69.
William Frey (Law ’79), Erie, Mich., 77.
Mary Gilmer (UTCTC ’74), Henrico, Va., 73.
Thomas Hage (A/S ’77), Toledo, 66.
Anthepe Jakubowski (A/S ’78)
, Toledo, 79.
James Kaczmarek (Eng ’70)
, Toledo, 72.
*Roger Raines (UTCTC ’77, UTCTC ’77)
, Sacramento, Calif., 77.
Richard Schmidt (A/S ’78), Toledo, 70.
**Edward Scott (Ed ’75)
, Ann Arbor, Mich., 67.
*Edward Shindel (Law ’70), Las Vegas, N.V., 76.
Jesse Simmons (Univ Coll ’80), Grove City, Ohio, 76.
David Stahl (A/S ’70), Dayton, Ohio, 72.
Dennis Wales (Bus ’73), Scottsdale, Ariz., 78.
Peter Zaums (Law ’72), Lambertville, Mich., 76.


Tyrone Campbell (UTCTC ’81, Eng ’97), Toledo, 60.
Acquanetta Gregory (UTCTC ’81), Toledo, 71.
Correne Hofer (Univ Coll ’87)
, Sylvania, Ohio, 90.
Keith Lucas (Univ Coll ’83), Holland, Ohio, 62.
Irene Rousos (MEd ’80), Columbus, Ohio, 84.
*Howard Sample (MEd ’89), Toledo, 60.
Gerald Stump (UTCTC ’84, Univ Coll ’90), Sylvania, Ohio, 83.


Teresa Coleman (UTCTC ’98), Toledo, 62.
Julia Johnson-Brownridge (UTCTC ’95, Univ Coll ’97), Toledo, 68.
Tara Jones (A/S ’94)
, Toledo, 67.
Kevin Toerne (Ed ’94), Sunland Park, N.M., 66.


**Jeanne Yeack (MNRS ’01, NRS Cert ’08), Toledo, 73.


John Newman (NSM ’15), Toledo, 38.