In Memoriam / May 2021

By Amanda Clark

*Annual Alumni Association Member
**Lifetime Alumni Association Member

Faculty, staff and friends

Beverly Domalski, Toledo, 90. She was a former art instructor.
Rebecca J. (Learned) Hawley (Ed ’74)
, Monclova, Ohio. She worked in hospital finance at MCO/MUO/UTMC for 19 years. She joined the staff in 1992 and retired as manager of cost and reimbursement in 2011.
Dawn J. (Pahle) Heisler, Toledo, 76. She was a secretary in the Geology Department for more than a decade.
Gary E. Oancea, Toledo, 62. He taught criminal justice classes at the University.
Dale E. Simon (MEng ’88), Petersburg, Mich., 83. He joined the University in 1980 as an instructor of engineering graphics. He was promoted to assistant professor of engineering technology following his graduation. Simon retired in 2013 and then taught part-time for one year.
Joy Dimmermann Skeel, Toledo, 83. The registered nurse and ordained minister began teaching medical ethics at MCO in 1977. She developed a bioethics program for medical students and went on rounds to teach them to deliver bad news. Skeel was also the director of a medical ethics consultation service she helped to establish to resolve dilemmas among patients, families, staff and physicians. She retired in 2014.
Lorna L. (Miller) Snyder (A/S ’00), Swanton, Ohio, 68. She was an instructor of geology from 2000 to 2004.
Dr. Charles W. Sprandel, Sarasota, Fla., 87. He was a former faculty member in the Judith Herb College of Education.
Charles R. Taylor, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 90. He was a former UToledo employee.
Irma D. (Moffett) Thomas, Toledo, 92. She joined the staff as a press operator in the Print Shop and was later promoted to assistant manager. Thomas retired in 1992.


**Robert Butler (Bus ’48), Toledo, 98.
Dr. John Newton (A/S ’49), Sylvania, Ohio, 95.


Peter Bennett (Eng ’53), Carlisle, Pa., 90.
Patricia Conklin (Ed ’51)
, Toledo, 91.
**Richard Glowacki (Bus ’57), Harbor Springs, Mich., 88.
Roger Johnson (Bus ’55)
, Georgetown, Texas, 87.
Harry Mills (Eng ’50), Perrysburg, Ohio, 94.
*Donald Norton (A/S ’54)
, Sarasota, Fla., 87.
Dr. Charles Pratt (A/S ’52), Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 89.


John Beck (MA ’68), Petersburg, Mich., 79.
Belle Bell (UTCTC ’69, UTCTC ’92), Toledo, 84.
Irwin Bostwick (Eng ’66) Gladstone, Mich., 77.
**Eleanor Brunner (MA ’69), Toledo, 97.
Anne Skalski (A/S ’68), Orno, Maine, 100.
Murray Lenson (Law ’68), Beachwood, Ohio, 78.
Florence Muenzer (MEd ’66), Loveland, Ohio, 89.
Robert Pike (Law ’66), Incline Village, Nev., 66.
Nancy Raney (A/S ’69), Leesburg, Fla., 73.
Mary Slagle (Ed ’69, MEd ’73), Safety Harbor, Fla., 85.


John Boes (UTCTC ’72), Boynton Beach, Fla., 68.
Thomas Szarnecki (Bus ’70, MBA ’78), Toledo, 73.
Bonnie Dooley (MEd ’79), Bowling Green, Ohio, 85.
Betty Harris (Ed ’73, MEd ’77), Toledo, 84.
Anton Kopanski (Univ Coll ’78)
, Lakeside, Ohio, 74.
Robert Kovesdi (A/S ’73, MA ’75), Curtice, Ohio, 69.
Joan Sepessy (MA ’75), Chester, Conn., 90.
Matthew Szymanski (Eng ’79), Toledo, 63.


Joey Carr (UTCTC ’80, Eng ’81), Whitehouse, Ohio, 64.
Patricia Cooley (Law ’86)
, Ann Arbor, Mich., 76.
Teena Liber (A/S ’83), Toledo, 70.
Frederick Lumm (Bus ’82), Toledo, 63.
Keith Mitchell (Law ’86), Toledo, 70.
Beverly Pangle (MEd ’80)
, Toledo, 84.
Karen Warncke (MEd ’81), Ann Arbor, Mich., 75.
Gail Warrington (A/S ’85, NRS ’87), Oregon, Ohio, 77.


Cathy McQueen (Ed Spec ’91), North Fort Myers, Fla., 72.
Edna Riley (UTCTC ’95, Bus ’96)
, Toledo, 59.


**Edward Banachowski (Univ Coll ’03), Toledo, 94.
Dawn Heffner (Univ Coll ’01)
, Toledo, 51.
Lorna Snyder (A/S ’00), Swanton, Ohio, 68.

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