Impromptu UToledo Reunion

By Staff

From left to right are Hannah Nelson (NRS ’16), Dr. Shannon Longenecker-Westphal (NSM ’12), Cindy Longenecker (MEd ’79), Chase Nelson (Bus ’16, MBA ’17), Dr. Nathaniel Westphal (Eng ’13, MED ’17) the Longeneckers’ tour escort Lance Lu (Bus ’16, MBA ’17) and Dr. Clint O. Longenecker (Bus. ’77, MBA ’78).

When Dr. Clint O. Longenecker and his wife, Cindy, took in some sight-seeing in January in downtown Beijing before checking out of their hotel to return home, he never thought he’d run into a former UToledo football player and his wife.

Longenecker — distinguished university professor in the College of Business and Innovation, director of the Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence, and facilitator of the Klar Leadership Academy — and his traveling companions, which also included Dr. Shannon Longenecker-Westphal and her husband Dr. Nathanial Westphal, had attended the wedding of a former UToledo student in Xian, China.

After taking in some sights in Beijing, they surprisingly bumped into Chase Nelson (Bus ’16, MBA ’17) and his wife, Hannah, in the lobby of the Crown Plaza hotel. The Nelsons were visiting China over the holidays. The group, which collectively holds 11 degrees from The University of Toledo, captured their impromptu reunion in this photo.