In Memoriam — January 2020

By Staff

In Memoriam

*Annual Alumni Association Member
**Lifetime Alumni Association Member

Faculty, staff & friends
Dr. Robert L. “Bob” Wilhoyte, Toledo, 94. He joined the University as an assistant professor of education in 1965, was named an associate professor in 1968, and chair of the Department of Educational Theory and Social Foundations in 1971. Wilhoyte received one of the University’s Outstanding Teacher Awards in 1972. He was named professor emeritus when he retired in 1997. Prior to entering the education field, he was a process engineer with the E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. Inc. and served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1943 to 1945.
Theresa A. (Grzechowiak) Wisniewski, Toledo, 88. She was a volunteer with the Satellites Auxiliary for 29 years.
James C. Buechele, Ottawa Lake, Mich., 94. He retired in 1989 after working at the University for 27 years.
Paula L. (Dunbar) Mitchell, Holland, Ohio, 72. She joined the former Medical College of Ohio in 1979 as associate director of sponsored programs in the Research and Sponsored Programs Department. Mitchell retired in 2009.

** Dr. Peter White, Toledo, 89.  He was recruited as one of the early MCO faculty members to help establish the medical school in northwest Ohio. White joined the faculty in 1969 as deputy chair of the Department of Medicine and set up a Division of Hematology; his research focused on heme, a compound in blood cells, and his work advanced the understanding of blood cell biology. The Pennsylvania native developed the Department of Medicine’s research, clinical and residency training programs; in addition, he recruited area physicians to serve as volunteer faculty members. White helped develop the medical curriculum. He served as chief of the medical staff of the MCO Hospital in 1975. During the 1990s, he provided administrative leadership for the college’s Area Health Education Center Program, which worked to increase the number of primary care and other health practitioners in medically underserved areas. White left MCO in 1977, but returned to the institution in 1985. He retired in 2004 and was named professor emeritus. The recipient of several Golden Apple teaching awards given by graduating medical students, White also was honored with the MCO Faculty Club Award. In 2005, the Department of Medicine residency training program established an award in his name for scholastic excellence by resident physicians, the Peter White Award for Excellence in Scholarly Activity. White was one of four editors of the book, “A Community of Scholars, Recollections of the Early Years of the Medical College of Ohio,” which was published in 2011. He penned the introduction of the work, which chronicled the first 25 years of MCO, and wrote the history of the departments of Pharmacology and Neurology; he served as interim chair of neurology from 1987 to 1989. After White retired, he continued to teach medical students in small group sessions.


Miriam Chubb (A/S ’46), Gildford, Mont., 95.
Charles Fields (Bus ’49), Toledo, 95.
Richard Harer (Eng ’48), Toledo, 95.


Deane Osborne (Bus ’57), Marblehead, Ohio, 88.
*Donald Connolly (Pharm ’52), Toledo, 89.


Raymond Bihn (UTCTC ’67), Maumee, Ohio, 84.
**Larry Dargart (UTCTC ’61), Maumee, Ohio, 77.
*Helen Johnson (Ed ’60), Naples, Fla., 84.
James Vogelsang (Ed ’65), Perrysburg, Ohio, 81.
Michael Hanudel (Eng ’69, MEng ’74), Fairlawn, Ohio, 72.
Audrey Covington (Bus ’65), Perrysburg, Ohio, 93.
Corine Wooley (Ed ’61, MEd ’82), Toledo, 80.


Dr. Timothy Henline (Eng ’74), McLean, Va., 66.
James Wood (Pharm ’77), Chicago, Ill., 65.
Christine Haydock (UTCTC ’78), Toledo, 67.
Dr. Peter Reilly (A/S ’74), Toledo, 67.
Dana Sloan (Univ Coll ’75), Monclova, Ohio, 69.
Norman Mikolajczyk (Univ Coll ’77), Bowling Green, Ohio, 81.
Catherine Arquette-Barnett (UTCTC ’71), Sylvania, Ohio, 68.
Ted Miller (UTCTC ’76, Eng ’79), Maumee, Ohio, 72.
Dr. Harry Murtiff (A/S ’75), Delta, Ohio, 80.
**Richard Taylor (Bus ’79), Toledo, 72.
Barbara Weber (MEd ’79), Toledo, 69.


Ferris Ganoom (Bus ’86), Toledo, 58.
Norma Mihailoff (Univ Coll ’84), Toledo, 87.
Maria Urias-Hibbs (UTCTC ’80, Ed ’92), Toledo, 70.
Mary Harrison Rower (UTCTC ’84), South Beach, Ore., 55.
Janet Wenning (Univ Coll ’85), Cedar Crest, N.M., 71.


**Dolores Corbin (UTCTC ’94), Temperance, Mich., 77.