In Memoriam – December 2019

By Staff

Faculty, staff & friends

*Suzanne Wolfe, Toledo, 78.

Carol F. (Hopple) Krause, Toledo, 72. She was a former secretary at the University.

Barbara A. “Bobbi” Weber, Toledo, 69. She joined the staff in 1973 and was a clerical specialist in the Publications Office through 1993.

Frances L. “Frankie” (Bird) Campbell, Perrysburg, 70. She joined the staff in 1968 and worked in the College of Education. In 1996, she was named a program assistant and one year later became an administrative assistant. Campbell retired in 2001, but returned to work as a seasonal employee in the College of Law for five years.

Dr. Eric J. Summons (PhD ’79), Toledo, 75. He was a member of the College of Engineering Advisory Board and served as an Executive in Residence for the College of Business and Innovation, where he was named the Edwin Dodd Distinguished Lecturer in 2012.

Neil Frankenhauser, Toledo, 79. He taught art classes at the University.

William J. O’Keefe, Toledo, 81. He was a former adjunct faculty member in the College of Pharmacy.

*Sylvester “Sonny” Smith (Ed ’56), Toledo, 86. He played for the Rockets on the football and baseball teams from 1951 to 1955. He later served as president of the Varsity T Club. During his 25-year tenure, club membership grew, a pavilion was added to campus celebrating the achievements of past athletes, and an endowment fund was created to honor and memorialize athletes and coaches. Smith was inducted into the Varsity T Hall of Fame in 2002 and four years later received the Varsity T Club Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his dedicated service.

Michael D. Wilkins (Bus ’90, MBA ’97), Blacklick, Ohio, 50. He was the executive director of the MCO Foundation from 1995 to 2001.

Deborah Jean Plummer, Greenville, S.C., 64. She was a secretary in the Industrial Engineering Department from 1971 to 1977.

*Rita McCauley-Redmond, Alexandria, Va., 70.

**Dr. Thomas Mayberry, Lakeview, Mich., 94.


Richard Trask (Eng ’49), Seattle, Wash., 92.

Margery B. (Garrett) Trask (Ed ’49), Seattle, Wash., 92.

**Joyce Behner (Ed ’49), Sylvania, Ohio, 92.


Robert Aubry (Eng ’54), Sugar Land, Texas, 90.

Raymond LaBrecque (Eng ’50), Warren, Mich., 89.

*Charles Jones (Ed ’55), Royal Oak, Mich., 86.

Marcia Oller (A/S ’54), Waterford, Conn., 87.

Carole Booth (Ed ’56), Perrysburg, Ohio, 85.


Beverly Mulinix (Ed ’67, Med ’77), Maumee, Ohio, 88.

Dr. Marty Santillo (Ed ’68), Canfield, Ohio, 73.

Wan Jung (Ed ’62), Columbus, Ohio, 91.

Myron Sanderson (Law ’66), Jackson, Mich., 83.

Paul Heintschel (Ed ’66, Med ’77), Toledo, 82.

Cathryn Descamps (Ed ’65, Med ’79), Toledo, 89.


Joseph Sheahan (A/S ’75, MS ’77), Lansing, Mich., 70.

Albert Vargo (Univ Coll ’76), Genoa, Ohio, 79.

Lawrence McHale (Ed ’70), Maumee, Ohio, 73.

Anthony Bender (Univ Coll ’76, A/S ’78, Law ’82, UTCTC ’94), Holland, Ohio, 69.

**Mary Ann Rickus (Ed ’79, Med ’85), Tiffin, Ohio, 74.

Dr. Stephen Pipoly (A/S ’75, MED ’82), East Sparta, Ohio, 65.

Claud Middleton (UTCTC ’73), Franklin, Ohio, 70.

Dr. Robert Snyder (MEd ’75), Clark Lake, Mich., 95.

**Joseph Katona (UTCTC ’74), Northwood, Ohio, 76.


Betty Driemeyer (A/S ’83), Marietta, Ga., 89.

Craig Raisner (A/S ’86), Pittsford, N.Y., 57.

Jeffrey Wagner (Eng ’84), Georgetown, Ky., 58.


Philip Cunningham (Univ Coll ’91), Toledo, 66.

Perry Sandlin (A/S ’99), Rossford, Ohio, 51.

Dr. Mark Banks (A/S ’91), Toledo, 57.

Lillie Henderson (Univ Coll ’97), Toledo, 89.


Benjamin Dionisio (A/S ’07, Honors ’07), Northwood, Ohio, 34.

*Dr. Robert Glad (RES ’06), Toledo, 82.